Vanier Park - Vancouver

by Mom


There are a number of reasons you may want to visit Vanier Park on the south side of English Bay, just west of the Burrard St. bridge:

Kite flying:  small kites, big kites, fighter kites, specialty kites.

Vanier Park is home to the Pacific Space Centre - Vancouver, Vancouver Museum, and Vancouver Maritime Museum.

Vanier Park is just a hop and a skip to Granville Island - Vancouver.

Kitsilano Pool and Beach is just another hop and a skip west of Vanier Park.

It's right on the water so you can see all the boats entering and leaving False Creek.

Age group:

All ages. 

Expense rating:

Free unless you go to the museums. 


Proximity to attractions, and something for everyone.  If you've seen enough of kites, you can take a 5 minute walk to Kitsilano Beach, or Granville Island



Vanier Park is at the North foot of Chestnut St.




All seasons 

Educational highlights:


Fun for the adult?:

A relaxing place to lay back on the grass and watch the kites soaring in the sky.