** 2004: Woodyard BMX is now permanently closed **

Woodyard BMX Freestyle Training Centre - New Westminster

By Coleman


Woosh!  That's me launching my bike off the dirt jump I made in our backyard.  Mom and Dad said I could build a jump, so long it wasn't taller than a foot.  Mine is about the size of a hotdog bun.  Nathe couldn't stop laughing.  But you know what, it takes a long time to dig up dirt and move it from one spot to another!  I might as well forget about building a whole track; it'll take me the rest of my life.  

I think Dad felt sorry for me because he told me about a place that has ramps, corners, rails, hips and a street spine.  (I was just thinking-aren't spines and hips the names of body parts?)  Best of all, it's indoors.  Wow, I don't need to worry about getting wet.  It sounds humongous-5800 square feet big.

I know what Mom is going to say, "Coleman, you're not good enough to go to a BMX park; wait till you get older."  But this place in New Westminster, the Woodyard BMX Freestyle Training Centre, actually gives out lessons.  They teach you how to ride the ramps and rails, and do the tricks.  Plus they help you get over your fear of falling.  My only problem now is getting a real live BMX bike.  Everybody is going to laugh their heads' off when I show up with my Norco "Macho."

If you already have a BMX bike, there's nothin stoppin you.  See you there..I hope.


The Woodyard is at 411 Wood St.  (Do you think that's why they named it Woodyard-because it's on Wood  Street)?  If you don't have a clue where that is, it's under the Queensborough Bridge, near Walmart and the ICBC car lot.  If you still need more information, click on https://www.woodyard.feeblemx.com/?pg=home.    


New Westminster


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