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RDS Skateboard Park - Richmond

notes from Mom


My son Coleman is the family daredevil.  He was doing tricks on his scooter when he was only two years old.  He loves going to skateboarding parks and being a part of the action.  It doesn't seem to bother him that everyone else is riding a skateboard and he's on a scooter.  To be honest with you I find the skateboard parks a bit nerve-wracking.  I'm always afraid Coleman is going to get hurt.  The other problem is the weather is not always cooperative.  Actually this works out in my favour, because Vancouver gets its fair share of rain.

We'd never heard about RDS Skateboard Park in Richmond.  Apparently it has 1,860 square metres of skate-able terrain.  This includes a 1,115 square-metre street-style course, a kids' area, and 750 metres of ramps.  Speaking of ramps, RDS has one of the biggest public vertical ramps in the world.  I'll have to keep this my secret for as long as I can. 


RDS Skate Park is located in the Riversport Sports and Entertainment Complex at 14380 Triangle Road, Richmond.  For more information, call (604) 271-7275 or visit www.rdsskatepark.com.




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