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Michif Metis Museum - Surrey

notes from Mom


I bet if you asked around your circle of friends, at least one will have a Metis heritage.  I would never have guessed our friend, Randy, is Metis because he has blonde hair.  I was embarrassed to admit I knew very little about Metis history and culture.  Randy told us about the Michif Metis Museum in Surrey.  Metis was the name given in Canadian history to children born from Native Indian mothers and European fathers.  Michif is the language which evolved in the 1700's between the European traders and the Cree/Algonkian speakers.  The Metis museum has more details, plus a replica of a typical Metis home.


The Michif Metis Museum located at 10707 King George Highway, Surrey.  For more information call (604) 581-2522 or visit www.vcn.bc.ca/michif/michif.htm.




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