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Cypress Mountain Bike Park - West Vancouver

Notes from Nathan


Cypress Mountain Bike Park is the first of its kind in Greater Vancouver.  It opened the summer of 2005, and there’s been no turning back since.  All summer long it just kept getting better and better.  Every time I went up a new section or trail opened up.  Apparently Dangerous Dan and his gang lent a helping hand in building the trails, so get ready.  It has lots of advanced intermediate runs equipped with ladders and jumps, as well as green runs for easy flowing fun.  It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or an experienced rider, you won’t be disappointed.  Cypress even has a deluxe high-speed chairlift, so you don’t have to waste anytime getting to the top.  Did I mention the Skill Centre?  It has a bunch of stunts you can practice on.

My days on Cypress usually look like this:  wake up and get to the mountain as soon as it opens (12:00 pm on weekends and 10:00 am on weekdays); take the chairlift up and start the ripping; usually around 1:00 pm I go for a bite to eat, and let me tell you the food there is awesome.   The chicken burger always hits the spot for me.  Also the fries are great; except you get so many, even I can’t finish them.   I usually end up just ordering the burger and bumming fries off my friends.  After lunch we hit the runs and bike till the calluses on our hands hurt, our bones are on the verge of collapse, and our bike is gasping for air.  As my Mom says, “you must be out of your mind.”  Seriously folks, this mountain is amazing for everyone and it’s only 45 minutes away.  So if you live in Vancouver or you’re just passing through and want get a real adrenalin rush,  it’s time to live and start mountain biking. 


Getting to Cypress Mountain is pretty simple.  Just go along the freeway that takes you to Horseshoe Bay and turn off at the Cypress Mountain exit (exit #8).  I’d say it takes about 20 minutes to get there from the Second Narrows Bridge.  It’s about another 20 minutes before you get to the parking lot.  For information, call 604.913.BIKE (2453). 

Website: www.cypressmountain.com


West Vancouver