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Cypress Falls Park - West Vancouver
by Jenavieve

Upper Cypress Falls
The upper falls

There are some really big trees in the area


Activity: Have you ever been to an enchanted forest?  I know where thereís one, and itís so neat you wonít believe your eyes.  It has trees so tall they can almost reach the stars.  There are also wooden bridges where the trolls live under.  They take care of the fairies living in the forest, and protect them from the water nymphs.  Mom said the nymphs like to spray water in the fairiesí hair, so they canít fly.  The nymphs live under the rocks by the waterfalls  Iíve never actually seen a nymph because they wear clothes the same colour as a rock.

The forest Iím talking about is called Cypress Falls Park.  And do you know what, it has 2 waterfalls.  Nathe says theyíre ďtotally awesome.Ē  Him and I take turns throwing leaves and twigs overboard and watching them skip along the top of the fast water.  The water is so clear, you can see everything underneath it.  We usually hike in a big circle that goes up to these huge cement rocks, and back down a dirt road that leads to the second waterfall.  One time we couldnít find the path back into the forest and we ended up walking way too far.  Better look at the map before you start.  It takes us about an hour and a half to hike the whole loop, but we make a lot of stops.

Age group: The trail we walk along gets a little steep and bumpy in parts.  I know Oma could never make it and we have to carry Coleman along the rough bits.

Expense rating: Free 

: When you step into Cypress Falls Park itís like stepping into a whole other world.  Itís so peaceful and beautiful you wonít ever want to leave.  Nathe and I could spend hours playing in the stream and the waterfalls.  Mom says itís her most favourite hike because she feels calm and relaxed at the end of it.  Dad likes it because he knows Nathe and I donít argue when weíre having fun.  I think if Coleman could talk heíd say he liked Cypress Falls because he doesnít have to sit in his car seat very long to get there.

: Itís hard to say something bad about Cypress Falls Park.  Keep an eye out for bears.  One time we found a big plop of bear poo right in the middle of the trail.  Nathe almost stepped in it.

Details: To get there:

1. Going west on the Upper Levels Highway take exit #4 (Caulfeild, Woodgreen Drive). 

2. Take a right on to Woodgreen Drive, and drive to Woodgreen Place.  There is a park at the end of Woodgreen Place.

3. Take the trail that starts at the east end of the park.

4. A ten minute walk to first waterfall that is just before a small wooden bridge that crosses Cypress Creek.

5. To view huge 200-300 year old Hemlock and Cedar trees, go over the bridge, and take the trail up the steep slope for about five minutes.

6. To view the second waterfall, do not cross bridge but take the trail that veers left up steep slope just before bridge.  Continue on trail to gate that reads "British Properties Ltd. proceed at own risk".  Go through gate and walk five minutes to view waterfall.  Caution: steep slope/cliff so hold small children by hand.

See map for details.

For information call (604) 925-7000. 

Area: West Vancouver 

Season: All seasons 

Educational highlights: Whatís special about this forest is that it has old plants and new plants growing in it.  Iíve seen huge trees toppled over with their roots still on.  Some of them even cross the stream.  Lots of times you can find pretty ferns and even small bushes growing out of the dead stumps.  Part of the trail we walk along is a dried up riverbed, so the rocks are really smooth. You learn a lot about Mother Nature when you visit Cypress Falls Park, and how forests never stay the same.

Fun for the adult?: Every Motherís Day we hike to Cypress Falls.  Mom says she canít think of any better way to spend her day.  I have to admit, we all enjoy it.  At least itís better than the car show Dad always makes us go to for Fatherís Day.

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